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makes golden eggs

Did you know that over 30% of the kids refuse to eat egg yolk!!!   Did you know that egg yolk is considered as “superfood” critical for children’s development!!!   Did you know that the yolk contains 99% of the eggs’ nutritional value!!! IMAGINE THE MAGIC... A hardboiled egg perfectly golden all around, with a single texture inside.


How Animal Diet Affects Your Health: What Chickens Eat Impacts Eggs' Nutritional Value “Alfalfa meal and marigold - these are sources of lutein, a carotenoid pigment that helps maintain eye and skin health, and may help guard against some forms of cancer,” the Nutrition Twins told us. “Marigolds have been studied for their anti ...

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Egg nutrition: Get the facts

Curious about egg nutrition? Once feared because of cholesterol, eggs are now prized for their nutritional value and considered by some to be the gold standard of protein sources.


Does the Nutritional Value of Eggs Depend on the Way You Cook Them?


by Rebecca Nickols Q: What is the nutritional value of free-range eggs versus eggs laid by hens in a pen? – Curt Stowell A: If you’re referring to commercial eggs, controversy surrounds the debate. Just looking at the egg cartons can cause confusion: cage-free, free range, grass-fed, organic, brown, white … The labels are often …

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Quail Egg Nutrition

The nutritional value of quail eggs is much higher than those offered by other eggs. Here's a look into the nutrition and health benefits that these eggs have to offer.