A man's ego is just as fragile as a woman's heart. - Lana Del Rey

And a woman's ego is just as fragile as a man's heart. Such a sexist message teaching women to coddle the male ego.

It all comes down to which organ produces the most adrenaline... the ego or the heart. Quotes.

Love is not about fleeting feelings. True love and friendship moves and looks past all that. Love is about you, not me. Where have I been selfish and self serving? I look in depth at my thoughts and how my thoughts produce my feelings.

Lilly for Target Lookbook

Lilly for Target Lookbook (The College Prepster)

Heh, Robin, you got some ego issues there "Fire Emblem Heroes - Whos the best tactician by Kaprikume"

Soren is so sassy and Robin is very modest (ahem) so this was meant to happen lol Fire Emblem Heroes - Whos the best tactician

I usually call myself worst case senerio girl, I must be prepared

Hahaha, this is me. I really need to stop jumping to the worst conclusions all the time. Until then, I'll just call it a superpower and put on a cape.

Iphone wallpaper background sparkler

Who Is Your Magical Alter Ego?

I like this picture because the sparkler in the jar are the main focal point because the background is dark. I also like this picture because the jar if only taking a third of the picture but the sparkler is centered.

!dont get it twisted for sunday afternoon chats over coffee. im not your story to tell.

Every moment begins with the potential to be beautiful, don't let your ego fuck it up.