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Dogo Onsen Honkan (道後温泉本館)

Dogo Onsen Hot Spring Yunomachi Dogo Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture, Japan.

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Uwajima Castle in Ehime Prefecture (one of the 12 original castle structures in Japan).

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Ōzu Castle 大洲城 also known as Jizōgatake Castle (地蔵ヶ嶽城) is a castle located in Ōzu, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It was originally constructed in 1331 by Utsunomiya Toyofusa. In 1888 the keep (天守) of the castle was destroyed, but it was re-constructed in 2004.

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Matsuyama Castle, Ehime, Japan - I have definitely been here. Hell yeah sister city exchange!

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