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9 Picture Books About Election Day for Kids

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<span class="mnp-title-wrapper"><span class="mnp-circle-before"></span><span class="mnp-title-text">PollyWeb Political Pulse Poll 001 – If there were an election today, who would you vote for?</span></span>

So Donald Trump had his long-awaited intelligence briefing on Russian interference with the presidential election today, came out and immediately issued a statement claiming hacking had "absolutely no effect" on the election. Note that this isn't what the intelligence ...

15 Comfort Foods That Will Make You Feel Better About Life Today

It's been a long effing year. No matter how you felt about the election, today marks the beginning of a big change in our country. And while we are all grappling with complex emotions right now, in the coming days, we will try to move forward, one way or another.

FREE Election Day Mini Lesson Social Studies - History, Government, Life Skills Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Activities, Minilessons, Cooperative Learning...t includes: a voter registration card, voting ballot, and an activity sheet to support the mini lesson.

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Moldovans Vote in Parliamentary Poll Dominated by Russia

Moldovans vote in parliamentary elections today after a campaign dominated by the issue of relations with Russia.

Glitch Complicates Election Day For Hundreds Of Voters

Maryland Voter Registration Glitch Complicates Election: Today's Votes of Incompetence

Bible Verses for being Victorious In Christ | Psalm 60:12 ~OUR VICTORY IS WITH GOD~ If the enemy ever puts doubt ...

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