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How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace: How to hack flashlight batteries and a fire brick, into a desktop arc reaction chamber. ...For hobby metal melting, and for science!


Lincoln Electric, The Vantage® 300 is an ideal choice for construction teams, pipe rig owners and rental fleet managers. Housed in a compact, corrosion resistant stainless steel case, this rugged welder/generator features Lincoln ® Chopper Technology® to deliver great arc starts and a smooth arc for stick, TIG or wire welding. The quiet, smooth-running 1800 rpm water-cooled 4-cylinder Kubota® diesel engine generates 12,500 watts of peak 3-Phase or 11,500 watts of peak 1-Phase auxiliary…


What’s the difference between Mig and Tig Welding? The major difference between Mig and Tig welding is that one process uses a continuously feeding wire (MIG) and the other you use long welding rods and slowly feed them into the weld puddle (TIG). MIG and TIG welding both use an electric arc to make the weld.

$24.98 (Buy here: ) Auto Darkening Solar Welding Protective Helmet Arc Tig Mig Face Mask Electric Welding Mask with Grind Mode for just $24.98