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How Designers Create Hidden Storage - Dig This Design Hidden fuse box and media storage in wall hidden by hinged art frames for basement remodel by Concepts

Come learn a fabulous way to disguise an unsightly electrical box with this DIY electrical box cover tutorial from DIY beautify for Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body!

DIY Electrical Box Cover

Faced with an unsightly electrical box in my laundry room, I came up with a clever solution to completely disguise it! Get all the details at DIY beautify!

How-to-Hide-a-Fuse-Box-By-Hanging-a-Frame-on-Hinges-Charleston-Crafted.jpg (1200×1200)

Now You See It, Now You Don't

How to Hide a Fuse Box By Hanging a Frame on Hinges - Charleston Crafted - this may work for the laundry room!

Put a bracket on a picture good idea | Totally doing this to cover our fuse box that's in the kitchen!

Mirror in bathroom so can see the back of head. How To Hide Unsightly Wall Panels - tutorial shows how to attach hinges to a picture and wall so switches, access panels, etc. can be hidden, yet still accessible. This is not recommended for thermostats!

Antique Window Turned Power Panel Cover! - what a cute and easy way to cove up that Power Panel.

spray paint antique window to make a mirror cover for your breaker box, full TUTORIAL

The best way to label your breaker box ever.

If You Haven't Labeled Your Breaker Box Yet...

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