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Here's a novel outline that contains the common elements of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

Better Novel Project is all about deconstructing bestsellers, discovering what elements they have in common, and using these elements as a backbone for a new master outline. This project is not about creating a magic fill-in-the-blank formula. Instead, we are building a structural framework, based on what is proven to work, to contain our own unique stories.


Writing a Fantasy Novel - Useful Resources

Writing a fantasy novel means paying attention to common elements of the fantasy genre, worldbuilding and more. Use these helpful fantasy writing resources.


Beginner writers tend to write essays when they first start writing novels. Successful writers soon realise that a novel is not an essay. It is a story made up of scenes. But how do you know if youve written a great scene? Source


The 5 Elements of Fantasy World Building | A good blog post covering race, culture, languages, geography, and civilization, monsters, creatures, and governments.


The Roots – Determining the structure of your novel: Novel Writing Prep-Series

The Roots – Determining the structure of your novel: Novel Writing Prep-Series -- Whether you are a planner or a pantser, you’re going to need a few key elements to make your novel successful. Like it or not, every story has a structure. It may take multiple drafts to find these elements, or it may take some careful planning up front. / Feb 14 '12


Use this Dystopia lesson plan to teach your students about the different elements of a dystopia and help them visualize the topic with creative storyboards!


One of the most powerful secrets to creating plots that are emotionally compelling is to incorporate the 8 Basic Plot Elements. Starting with your story idea, you only need to make eight choices to ensure the plot of your future novel hangs together in a meaningful way.


Literary Elements Poster Set - Character, Setting, Problem, & More

Literary Elements Poster Set - Fun Chevron Colors with Choice of Chalkboard or White Background! Includes Main Character, Setting, Problem, Solution, Plot, Point of View, Minor Character, Theme. Also includes a fun foldable and a worksheet for novel or story studies! Perfect for grades 2-6!