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‘Lost’: 9 Exclusive Portraits of the ‘Dead’

Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell | ELIZABETH MITCHELL (Dr. Juliet Burke) WHEN SHE DIED Season 6, episode 1 HOW SHE DIED From injuries after falling into the Swan station's pit and…

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'Once Upon a Time' star Elizabeth Mitchell spills scoop on the Snow Queen

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My fave story line on #OUAT Elizabeth Mitchell is the Snow Queen #OnceIsFrozen

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Elizabeth Mitchell- Juliet from Lost is how we shall always know her... now she's beastin' it up on Revolution :)

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Oh my gosh Elizabeth Mitchell just confirmed that YES Juliet was in fact PREGNANT when she died. This was the seen where people were supposed to figure it out!!!!

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'Revolution': Elizabeth Mitchell on Rachel's state of mind and that awkward mother-daughter reunion

"Revolution" star Elizabeth Mitchell talks with about where Rachel's head is now and why she can't seem to break through in her relationship with Charlie.

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Elizabeth Mitchell from "V" pinned from

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Yunjin Kim (Sun), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) & Evangeline Lilly (Kate) on the set of LOST.

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4

You guys do realize that Elizabeth Mitchell played in The Santa Claus 2 and 3 as Mrs. Claus. She lives in the North Pole, snow, ice!! And now she plays the Snow Queen in OUAT!!!! I am so happy that they got her to play the Snow Queen!!!

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did u cry??????? Still of Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell in Lost

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Elizabeth Mitchell attends the Dead of Summer & Pretty Little Liars screening #elizabethmitchell

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Elizabeth Mitchell with Lulu on the LOST set. Lulu was the subject of the dog portrait seen in Jacob's cabin!

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Elizabeth Mitchell and Naveen Andrews - Lost Season 4 Press Stills

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