Elizabeth WARREN and Bernie SANDERS working for WE THE PEOPLE! ~ YES they are! 2016 Presidential Ticket!!!!!!

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Yes there is a war against women in this country started by Republicans who want to control women starting with their uterus!

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I look forward to voting for Elizabeth Warren as the First Woman President...Her message here says to Vote for Bernie Sanders who fights for working people...while Hillary favors her corporate sponsors on Wall St. regulations, GMO labeling, Fracking, Private Prisons.......

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Elizabeth Warren Is the Teacher She has come to remind us who we are, or at least who we once were. She is the only one warning that conditions in the financial sector are in some ways worse now than before the collapse of 2008. Her message has gained her many powerful enemies. And it has a lot of people very eager for Elizabeth Warren to run for president.

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That's our unpaid tax dollars not being well spent when it could be on infrastructure or helping the jobless......

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