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There's a pervasive attitude that men are allowed to prioritize their need for self-expression at the cost of women's safety.

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ello - your social media dream or just a symbol of what is wrong with the current offer?

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When Ello came into the social networking scene late last year as an ad-free alternative to Facebook, it was pretty barebones in terms of features. That

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Owdy, A Parody Social Network ‘Ello Killer’ by Satirical Tech News Site WTFSEO

People are buzzing about a new invite-only social network called Ello. Created by designer Paul Budnitz, Ello features a gorgeous, highly visual design that has a strict no-ads policy.

My dearest Pinterest followers, if you love Pinterest you can also consider to join this social media platform: Please join Ello if you love your privacy. You can find me there too: Ello.co/hulsbeekenko Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:

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