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Ha ha ha Ho ho ho and a couple of tra la las that's how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz


Emerald City Retro Travel Poster

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14 Cool Retro Sci-Fi Travel Posters

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Gates to The Emerald City from Treehouse Theater's Wizard of Oz YPE, design by Tony Olson, painting by Lisa Heili

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Emerald City

Lawns and the Nitrogen Cycle The Emerald CityThe other week my friend Wil said, “a weed free, well-kept green lawn is a work of art.” I couldn’t help but agree. That kind of lawn, the kind that appears in depictions of paradise and on real golf course


A series of fashion portraits inspired by the costume design of the Emerald City Oz characters from the Broadway play Wicked, during the song "One Short Day" Model: Jamie Auld Make Up: Bri Trischitta Hair: Bri Trischitta Styling: Bri Trischitta and Danni Siminerio Photo: Danni Siminerio


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