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9 Ways to Train Your Brain to Respond in a Crisis - Survival Mom

In a crisis, 80% of people freeze and do nothing. Only 10% react appropriately. Here's how to be among that 10%.

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These four river barges were converted into hospitals and used on the River Seine in France during the First World War. Find out more about the history of emergency transport. Become an emergency response volunteer.

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First Aid Check List #firstaid #health #preparation #survival

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START Triage System, Mass Emergency Trauma & First Responders Alternate Triage Decision Chart

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LPT: If you have a smartphone, make a separate album in your photos app and add these useful pictures for any situation when you don't have internet or need to abscess that quickly. - Imgur

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Disaster Prep Kits: What You Need to Keep Your Pets Safe

September is Disaster Preparedness Month. Make sure you have everything you need in case of a life-threatening emergency! To help you create your home’s prep kit, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has provided the following checklist of items to include.

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DIY Pet First Aid Kit: Complete with all needed dog first aid items and even some items for humans too! Make a large travel kit with a portable hiking/first response kit. Be prepared for any pet emergency.

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If you a parent of a child with a disability (which by federal definition includes ADHD, ADD), your child has rights to receive a Free and Apropriate Education. This sight will teach you your rights to help advocate for your child. No, the schools don't automatically do what is right for your child. You have to educate yourself and advocate.

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If I had only known how much pain I could have alleviated....I should have taken a WFR from Wilderness Medical Associates International a LOOONG time ago! Highly highly recommend - do it in Maine with Jon Tierney from Acadia Mountain Guides

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