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Emily Carr ...Canadian Painter and author; This is how I want to live out my life. Enjoying my passions until the very last second.

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Emily Carr. The movement and depth in her work is amazing! Emily Carr / Western Forest / c.1931 / oil on canvas

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Emily Carr, Indian Church, 1929, Oil on canvas, 108.6 x 68.9 cm, Art Gallery of Ontario.

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How Emily Carr showed the world it's never too late for a career in art

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Lone Cedar, 1936. Emily Carr. Artist who has been called Canada's Georgia O'Keeffe and the WASP Frida Kahlo.

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Heart of the Forest (1935) - Emily Carr. this is representing fine lines and very bright colors, and mixing them well.

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Emily Carr - Blue Sky. in this painting represents a very blueish sky and very cool green, and the style of nature is there with the tall trees and the background with more trees.

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Wood Interior, 1932-35. Emily Carr. "I sat staring, staring, staring - half lost, learning a new language or rather the same language in a different dialect. So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born."

Canadian Painter: Emily Carr Victoria, B.C. "You will have to experiment and try things out for yourself and you will not be sure of what you are doing. That's all right, you are feeling your way into the thing." Emily Carr

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Emily Carr, Tree Trunk, c. 1931, Oil on canvas, 129.1 x 56.3 cm, Vancouver Art Gallery.

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