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Because I Could Not Stop For Death by Emily Dickinson. Heard this as part of the sermon today. This sums it up for me rather well.

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Especially in the case of poetry, quantity is almost never accompanied by quality. Often, the more concise, the sharper the punch packed within the poem.

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"Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage held but just Ourselves – And Immortality." ~Emily Dickinson

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* ….”…the soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience…” -emily dickinson-….* Source: miss-v-o-o-d-o-o-dol

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My cocoon tightens, colors tease. I'm feeling for the air; A dim capacity for wings demeans the dress I wear. - Emily Dickinson, Poem 1099 | Artist, Laurie Kaplowitz

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