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Chatterpix is a fun app you can use with your kids to grab their attention. You could make a chatterpix for telling directions, explaining new centers, etc. Back to School IPAD Apps

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Financial District

I fell in love with the most cordial and sociable city in the Union. After the sagebrush and alkali deserts of Wahoe, San Francisco was Paradise to me. -Mark Twain Flynn Quote San Francisco California Transamerica Building Emoji Icon Keyboard App by San Franciscoji sf emoji #SANFRANCISCOJI #sfemoji #mimosa #emojikeyboard #transamerica #marktwain

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Keymoji, An Emoji Autocomplete Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad

Keymoji is a keyboard app for the iPhone and iPad that lets users autocomplete what they are typing with emoji instead of words. Which emojis show up as suggestions are determined by crowdsourced d…

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Don’t have iMessage? No worries! Puglie also comes as an emoji keyboard app for both iOS and Android to send in the apps you use! You get 10 free stickers, and you can pay a small adoption fee to own the entire set of fatties!

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A Teenager’s View on Social Media

Follow me on snapchat! You have to be one of my followers so i know who you are. COMMENT DOWN BELOW YOUR SNAPCHAT. My snapchat is: Kayla_Rae

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Take or upload your picture, edit the crop, and save to your personal emoji keyboard. Edit how detailed you like and share with ease!

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