Sometimes this includes family. After spending years trying to make life better for my family I hit the breaking point. I care, but I just can't do it anymore. To love and care and bend over backwards with not so much as a fraction of the care or concern shown back to me I can no longer care the same. I am letting it go.

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“you're so brave. emotionally exhausted, mentally drained yet you get up each morning and fight. you are victorious, you are strong!

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There are some people who enjoy mentally exhausting others. It's like they get off on it because they do it for their own intentions and often with no regret.

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I'm learning how to sleep again ~ for so long, the anger of the abuse kept me unable to sleep until he left for work. Serious chronic fatigue was my daily experience ~ there is peace and energy that comes with leaving an abusive relationship. There is hope <3

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mamapeterson: “ For this #MotivationalMonday I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has already participated in our campaign. Together we’re inspiring an #AKF movement....

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