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Emphasis - what grabs your attention? Don't worry about what to do to that blank piece of paper just sit back and allow it to happen


9. Complementary colors are the colors that are opposite from each other on the color spectrum. In this photograph, the contrast between the colors makes you focus mostly on the bright orange and it causes the blue pebbles to become the background.


This year I placed emphasis in many lessons on making images look real by using tints and shades. Kids never quit getting excited when they see something they are making go from flat to 3d on a piece of paper. It's something that can be addressed across all grade levels.My 1st graders were introduced to the paintings of Audrey Flack this year. They could not get over the fact that her images were actually painted and not just photographs.

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Cerridwen's Cauldron Psychedelic Art Nouveau Goddess Art 16x20 Poster Print

MAGICK Possibly the major difference between magick and many of the religious paths to spiritual growth is that magick is more dynamic, and places the emphasis on you to work for change - there are no gurus in magick, rather there are fellow students with different perspectives and experiences - we learn from each other, as in other areas of life. Magick tends to work a lot with symbols, as these are the language of the unconscious, and this is an area of tremendous power to tap.


Vincent Van Gogh - The students were able to create a giant sunflower creating emphasis in their artwork. Then they were shown how to blend colors using oil pastels. The students had to choose a cool color for their background to make their sunflower "pop" in their piece of art.