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Lovely Frankenstein's Quilting Laboratory: Thursday, It's Technical: Elements & Principles of Art, and their Application in Quilting

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Smirk Red Lips Art Print fashion beauty makeup blog template wordpress for women bloggers #MACxNastyGal

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Emphasis - what grabs your attention? Don't worry about what to do to that blank piece of paper just sit back and allow it to happen

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Vincent Van Gogh - The students were able to create a giant sunflower creating emphasis in their artwork. Then they were shown how to blend colors using oil pastels. The students had to choose a cool color for their background to make their sunflower "pop" in their piece of art.

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6th grade art: Charcoal and Pastel Owls (focus: drawing BIG, visual texture, and value)

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9. Complementary colors are the colors that are opposite from each other on the color spectrum. In this photograph, the contrast between the colors makes you focus mostly on the bright orange and it causes the blue pebbles to become the background.

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Eli Halpin. Llama in Pale Green 2013 oil on recycled wood 11.75" x 39.25". (c)…

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Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover I like the emphasis on the lips and the eyes. Gives the artwork more depth. #bold

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3rd grade second unit--animal enlargements in oil pastel - nice twist on my animal lesson!----third grade adaptation project. Enlarging the adaptation with a pastel drawing and hanging the beside the original photograph along with a student explanation of the adaptation. Maybe the adaptation explanations could be written in animals POV.

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Art Lesson Plan: Descriptive Drawings - Art with Text. I've adapted this lesson for a sketchbook project with drawing students. Kids love to illustrate a quote or music lyrics...great crossover for discussions about the power of words... emotion in art... repetition... emphasis...

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Emphasis refers to the created center of interest, the place in an artwork where your eye first lands.

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iwantmyartnow: Bea Camacho, Efface 2008 Single-channel video11 hours2008 These pics are from a video documentation of an eleven-hour performance during which Bea Camach crocheted herself into a white carpet with white yarn. This project builds on the themes explored in an earlier video performance, “Enclose”, but puts more emphasis on the space around the body, which becomes an integral part of the work as her body slowly disappears into the architecture.

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