Check out this infographic on setting up payroll for small businesses.

---- Your employees want their money just like you do. Here's an interesting infographic on setting up small business payroll. ============> Billy's Billing handles payroll too! The software

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Drop shipping is great because you can keep costs low by having no inventory. Beyond that, you also save money by not having any employees. This means no 1099 tax forms, no benefits to manage, no human resources, and no need to hire or fire anyone.

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How to organize your receipts for tax time [infographic]

How to Organize Your Receipts for Tax Time - Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee itemizing deductions, the end of the year means organizing your receipts.

Russian hackers demanded ransom money from over a dozen Democratic groups over protester funding information, according to a report.

Narro Reading of Report: U. Intelligence Cited Ukrainian Malware as Proof of Russian Hacking U. intelligence agencies cited Ukrainian malware as proof that the Russian government were responsible for cyber-attacks.