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Over 38 countries will be represented at EMS World Expo this year.

ไปรษณีย์ไทย รู้จริง รู้ใจ ตอน EMS/EMS World

The Stealth Power EMS Units supply electrical power to mission-essential…

Handtevy Pediatric System Manages EMS Medications at EMS World Expo


Alongside the articles on patients, illness and death are several on health care workers complaining about being forced to get flu shots in order to keep their jobs. According to the CDC, 400 hospitals in the U.S. require workers to get flu shots and 29 of them have fired employees who refuse.


After one year this comic about pick'ems is still relevant. #games #LeagueOfLegends #esports #lol #riot #Worlds #gaming

Illustration from Rudolf von Ems's World Chronicle MS. 33 folio 13. Germany (Regensburg), circa 1400–1410. The J. Paul Getty Museum.

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City of New Orleans

EMS World Expo New Orleans 2016! With one of our vendors, Kemp USA!

Medic!: How I Fought World War II with Morphine, Sulfa, and Iodine Swabs by Robert "Doc Joe" Franklin. Publisher: Bison Books (October 1, 2008). Publication: October 1, 2008.