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Enchantress Meaning

A fan's backstory for how Elsa got her ice powers - Her mother (the Queen of Arendelle) was lost in the forest one day while pregnant with Elsa, and she encounters either an ice goddess, fairy, or enchantress; possibly an old Norse elf or frost giant. In exchange for helping her out of the forest, the ice enchantress demands that Elsa be born with ice and frost powers so the Queen of Arendelle will remember her kindness???


The Nialaya Beads healing powers, precious and semi-precious stones used in Nialaya bracelets and collections are filled with energy and channels of vitality.

from An Everyday Witch's Point of View

Wiccan Symbols

Wiccan Witchcraft Spells | shorthand for your grimoire. Most of the symbols here are from Scott ...

135 they know who their real audience is (and it’s not expectant mothers), and have a set of tips on naming your characters.

sstoness: Many witches prefer to work with colored candles when performing magic, as a way to strengthen the power of their spell. This is a little overview of some different colors and their meanings. Remember that it’s always ok to have your own interpretation of different colors, so feel free to use colors in different ways than the ones stated above!