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Could not have explained the ending of a friendship better....

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Just don't have time for one-sided friendships. #worthmore

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That is exactly why I ended a friendship with one of my so-called best friends. Her actions changed my attitude. Yet, it was all my fault? Think again honey.

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Friendship quotes

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I understand this quote more right now than I want to... Than ever before. It's sad when someone loses that title to you, but then you remember that relationships can't be or feel one sided, and that you can't force something that probably began ending a long time ago.

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Actions speak louder More

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quotes about friendship ending - Google Search

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Losing a friendship is painful at any age. Losing it to deceit is even harder. You can only pray for that person and hope they can come to terms with it on their own.

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In many ways, losing a friendship is just as painful as losing a romantic relationship. Maybe because lovers can come and go across a lifetime, but it is our friends who see us through our most vulnerable times. So when a deep friendship ends -- or even just changes shape -- allow yourself grieve. Because being close and letting go are two of the most important things friendships teach us. ❤️

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end of friendship quotes | friend end

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