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And Then Shall Be Great TRIBULATION! - Remnant House - YouTube


Peace and safety .. then sudden destruction! The world is uniting, but the remnant people of God must never unite with Babylon or the world for any reason, even in the face of the coming persecution for all of us who 'remain true to God'. 'Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.' (Rev.2:10)


This is spot on. IF Mr. Trump makes it till Jan 22, we know God has stayed His Hand. This is the time to seek God. Repent, turn from self on the throne of your life. Confess your sin, and accept Jesus. He paid the price for ALL your sins. Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved--from an eternity of fire.


Two DIFFERENT Events, Rapture & Second Coming. I do believe there is a difference between persection and the tribulation period of the end times. rev.3.10, 1 thess. 1.10, 1 thess5.9. the church is not mentioned between revelations 6 thru18. 19 is when we return with Christ