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This is not meant to strike fear in the Christian's heart. This is meant to show that in order for us to be brought home, we need to be in complete devastation as a universe. Each person must have the chance to experience God, and we must fight through the battles of the world for the one most high!


1973 The End Times Vision by David Wilkerson FULL: God told him the future end times of America and today it has been proven to be 100 % accurate. posted by Icelandic Watchman Published on Feb 20, 2015 this was recorded in 1973 tells me how scary it is that it is soo accurate and describes today to a perfect degree. (download if you can this is very rare and the internet might take it down).


How Donald Trump Moving The U.S. Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem Could Trigger The Psalm 83 War


End Times Timeline - Bible Prophecy Events to be Fulfilled


Donald Trump may be the leader prophesied by Jewish literature to gather Christians against the sons of Ishmael in the times before Messiah, suggested a prominent rabbi recently. He noted that other aspects of the same prophecy regarding the Arab world have already been fulfilled. “The Malbim wrote that before the coming of the Messiah,... Read more »