Erase It! Endangered Animals lesson plan - I think it would be cool to have each student choose an endangered species in our state and make a vivid display on various aspects of that animals story.  Also, check out the adaptations.
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Interdisciplinary Unit Endangered Species: kids become "experts" on an endangered species, and then help to spread awareness. Great for World Animal Day October 4th:).
Endangered Animals - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives
Take action! Create a book of facts to identify endangered animals, threats to their survival, and ways people can help.
These fun and FREE Endangered Animals writing activities are perfect for learning about these animals while using their creative juices. 76 total pages ::
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Endangered animals from each continent group project/bulletin board
Save Endangered Animals: Make a Public Service Announcement activity for 3rd grade! Printable resource from that you can download in Word and PDF to use in your classroom (38 pages). Includes Rubrics, Leveled, Non-Fiction Texts (with Lexile Levels), and Graphic Organizers. Differentiated, Hands-on activities for students. Covers third grade Reading and Writing Standards RI.3.1, RI.3.6, W.3.1, W.3.2b, W.3.6
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Endangered Animals Classification Poster Teaching Resources – Teach Starter
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Humans are beginning to push many species to the level of being critically endangered!
Animal Word Search: Endangered Species Worksheet
Endangered Animals: Interactive Facts, Writing Activities, and More.   This includes a 35 page Powerpoint presenatation, as well as, a variety of writing activities designed for students to use higher level thinking and problem solving skills.
In this PBL activity, students will create an app about an animal that is endangered. They will choose the animals, do research, and develop/design an app. The app will showcase how they can synthesize and share information to others.