Coming to terms with your endometriosis diagnosis | Endohope

Endometriosis - Common misdiagnosis and linked symptoms. My misdiagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis, little did I know years of agony painful bowels, years of heavy periods would finally lead to an answer, thank u dr. Poag! For listening to me

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What It's Like To Get Diagnosed With A Chronic Illness

Paleo for Women Impaired Immunity, Hormone Imbalance, and Inflammation: Endometriosis as the Standard American Diet Triple Threat - Paleo for Women

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great website. I hope that surgery helps me. upsetting to read how many people have had no relief for drastic surgery. I don't think most people know how horrible this disease is.

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adhesion infographic discussing causes and conditions caused by adhesions including infertility, chronic pain and bowel obstruction

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