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Brits are predicted to clash over the heating a colossal 972million times this winter. The average household is set to argue over the thermostat every other day

Loyal to your energy supplier? It’s costing you £191 more per year

In case you ever wanted to know what goes into drilling....An Infographic on Parts and Components of Oil Drilling Rigs - Tradequip - The Energy Equipment Marketplace - provides a way to connect buyers and sellers of energy industry equipment in a safe and secure manner. Find infographic at


Wind Energy in America Infographic. Wind energy doesn't create asthma worsening air pollution like coal energy does, or hazardous radioactive waste like nuclear energy does, or toxic chemical (and radioactive waste) pollution like fracking for natural gas can.

Wow, look at all that U.S. oil production! One step closer to American Energy Independence!

The U.S. Oil And Gas Industry By The Numbers [Infographic]


As Donald betrays our nation to Putin in an act of treason he is also handing the biggest source of new good jobs to china according to this Think Progress article and this report from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). As Trump plans to...


Make no mistake: These men have supported an extreme anti-environment agenda. Putting them in charge of our nation's environmental, clean energy and climate policy will damage our public health and our planet. We have to stop them. Please Sign and Share Widely!


Houston, we have power: Space-based solar power could be the final frontier in renewable energy