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16 Reasons English Bulldogs Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time

❤ " I'm a little bulldog, short & stout. Tip me over & my tongue falls out ! " ❤ I want to do this with my pitbulls

17 English Bulldogs That Totally Understand The Office Life

5 very interesting and short facts about bulldogs

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Inhale Exhale English Bulldog Art Print

Inhale Exhale English Bulldog Art Print.... So gross, but so true at times.... (always funny when you're teaching a bunch of kiddos and one of them 'exhales', breaks them up every time).

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Exactly how it is at my house, Tank rules our roost and he knows it.

English Bulldog in Swing: Funny Dogs

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... notice the high level of enthusiasm? LOL

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My dog does this. It is like he's trying to will you into doing what he wants. and it usually works...

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hello beautiful you look amazing today! dog funny bulldog mirror bathroom towel

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English Bulldog ~ Human Training

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