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She ,he,her,him,his

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Vocabulary: Parts of a car #learnenglish

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*FREE* Question Words Flashcards (Includes When, What Where, When, Why, Which, How, How Many, How Much, How old, How often)

*FREE* Question Words Flashcards (Includes When, What Where, When, Why, Which, How, How Many, How Much, How old, How often)

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Present Continuous

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How to Hook a Reader {Analyzing 10 Good Opening Lines}

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Introduction to Shakespeare's Language Webquest for Interactive Notebooks

This webquest and presentation for interactive notebooks are a great way to start any unit on William Shakespeare's plays or poetry. Students will watch two videos and complete various activities and exercises to understand Shakespeare's contributions to

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Present Perfect - yet, already, just, before, ever, never - gap filling

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5 Inspiring TED Talks To Transform Your English Class

Which TED Talks are the best for your English class? How can you use TED Talks to create engaging, inspiring lessons and get students to speak up in class? Don't miss this post on 5 of my favourite TED talks. Join the FREE printables library at the end of the post to access a FREE TED lesson plan - coming soon!

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The Grammar Games! Dice Review Game for Common Core Grammar Standards

Learning grammar CAN be fun! This student-centered grammar board game is great for the end of the quarter or semester. Need a quick review of concepts already covered? Upcoming test? This game will engage all.

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5 Short Stories With Surprise Endings Your Students Will Love to Analyze

Want short pieces of literature that your English class will love to discuss? English short stories for high school English or ESL classes. 5 of my favourite stories are in this post! Analyze short story literature with the best short stories for English students. A lesson plan for one of them will be added to my free printables library for English teachers. Grab access today at

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Grammar Lessons

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Very, very good book with a lot of games to get a good English class on basic level perhaps in high level too. I think so.

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