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Coconut Ice sweets are a traditional English candy that require no baking and are very quick and easy to make! Children love to make these too!...

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A very yummy recipe for cherry bakewell tarts. This is a family favorite recipe.. Cherry Bakewell Tarts Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

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Top 10 Traditional English Recipes

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Easy homemade English toffee with crunchy almonds and creamy chocolate!

Easy Homemade English Toffee

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This English Recipe Is A Classic, And Once You Taste It, You’ll Know Why!

These delicious pastries are an absolute must any time you have a good roast going. They’re a perfect accompaniment to a hearty main course, a savory and flaky biscuit that’s a far cry from ordinary dinner rolls. This English recipe is a classic, and once you taste it, you’ll know why!

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Spotted Dick or Spotted Dog - a raisin studded, steamed pudding Brit style - very yummy with real English pouring custard - recipe link.

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Fluffy English Style Scones

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Proper English Scones

Proper English Scones For those of us here in Canada and the US, if you go looking for a recipe for good English scones, you will often be met with the imprecise task of converting the weight measurements that are always used in British recipes into the cup measurements that we use in North America. …

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