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Shakespeare: Did you seriously just ask your English teacher if Spelling counts?

Love this quote from Hamlet More

english teacher meme - Google Search

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How To Experience Berlin Without Breaking Your Wallet

english class memes - Google Search More

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12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood

I get this question ALL THE TIME!!!


A Laughing Librarian - Vol. 1

For all my English teacher friends!

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32 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr

Hahaha- if you get this, you did a good job paying attention in high school English.

Become a teacher they said it will be fun they said

By Jessica Sanders Loud students, broken copiers, extra-credit requests—you probably know these teacher memes all too well. Something doesn't seem right... source #TheStruggleisReal source Your positive affirmation... every day. It's the little things.