Taeda (Elder Scrolls - Spriggan by ISignRob)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Skyrim Art Collection The Skyrim Art Collection “Oh… you know… just some Skyrim fan art. Since the game lends itself to personal customization, the fan art we collected is as vast as Skyrim’s open.

This is a really awkward moment…

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Ents... as told by JR Tolkien they are giant, tree-like sheperds of the forests...the old forests of which there are few left today. What a pity that the inquisitive nature of our minds brought us to destroy so much of what is good in this world. Ents would have been nice to know... Carol

ACEO Limited Edition Giclee- Old Wisebark

Old Wisebark is suddenly awakened by a wisp of fairy dust as the wee one passes by. This watercolor was painted on Arches hot press paper and meas. Old Wisebark

The people who take time out of their lives to make these things are my favorite kinds of people.

Funny pictures about A day in the life of an egg. Oh, and cool pics about A day in the life of an egg. Also, A day in the life of an egg.

The creature was humanoid, but it's body seemed to be made of woven wood. It's eyes were two glowing holes, and it's hair was  a thick, elegant carpet of moss. It's hands were branches, leaves included, and it's feet were roots that twisted and dragged the thing along as smoothly as if it were walking.

What Mythical Creature Are You?

Groot ripped the Dryad off - of course. Also reminds some of what the humanoid form of the Baharik dragons look like! Dryad - Monster Squad by Neverheidae (Jayme Neverton)

Got surprised by Got7 | allkpop Meme Center

Thought would be like bap but nope jyp did a great job

Vocal Health Advice: Texas Voice Center (Voice, Swallowing and General ENT

The Texas Voice Center in Houston was founded in 1989 by Dr. Richard Stasney for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of voice disorders.