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One of the features of enterprise value is that it is relatively immune (though not completely so) from purely financial transactions. A stock buyback funded with debt, a dividend paid for from an existing cash balance or a debt repayment from cash should leave enterprise value unchanged, unless the resulting shift in capital structure changes the cost of capital for operating assets, which, in turn, can change the estimated value of these assets.

Link2.....SEEC was founded as a nonprofit agency in 1987 by a small group of motivated families to provide employment support services to adults with severe developmental disabilities who wanted to work in our community. Initially named Supported Employment Enterprise Corporation, the agency changed its name to SEEC to better reflect the diversity of our programs that now include Community Living, Values in Action (our medical recreational day program), and Family Support Services.

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Enterprise Value is the overall value of any business which represents all stakeholders and often looked at while acquiring/ selling any business or making any strategic decision and is dependent on the Value of the company, its subsidiaries and the Value of surplus assets. All the above issues are relevant for working out EV.

Mission: Intangible: Managing Risk and Reputation to Create Enterprise Value (Paperback)

Mission: Intangible: Managing Risk and Reputation to Create Enterprise Value

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