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dossiercreative, Vancouver (@dossiercreative) – A design + innovation company. "After a quarter century of birthing brands, we’re in the midst of an exciting transformation. We’ve been reflecting on what it means for us and our clients to prosper in the face of a dramatically changed business environment, and a refreshed business model and enhanced service offering is emerging. Give us a call to find out more." Call: 604.255.2077 – Website:


Environment Agency setting up flood barriers ahead of Storm Eva...: Environment Agency setting up flood barriers ahead… #EnvironmentAgency

Watchdog: Huge Spike in Cancers, Fertility Problems Linked to Chemicals in Household Items - Chemicals in common household products may be behind the huge rise in cancers, diabetes and obesity, falling fertility, and an increased number of neurological development, the European Environment Agency (EEA) recently reports.

Cockermouth toy shop solves puzzle to be more Flood Resilient The Environment Agency is urging businesses owners to make a flood plan in order to limit the disruption and costs that can be caused by severe weather

Pure and simple: Sauerbruch Hutton's headquarters building, for Germany's Federal Environment Agency, is a model of integration. - Free Online Library