Learn how to use inquiry circles in Social Studies class. Great for reviewing topics, and teaching the Common Core.

How to Teach the Standards through Social Studies Inquiry Circles

Earth Day Flip Books: This teacher divided these booklets into 4 sections and topics.  Flip open each section and read what students wrote for each topic.

Read an informational text having to do with taking care of the earth. Students can write to a friend or family member about what they can do to take care of the earth. // Earth Day cause & effect booklet from First Grade Parade!

Animal Habitat Shoebox Reports

Animal Habitat Shoebox Reports oculd adapt for biome/ecology unit--wall display is interesting!

Paper Bag Books - These are easy to make & can be used for so many topics & subject areas! A few ideas... - All About Me (Place photos or special items, like 1st birthday cards, in the pockets.) - Alphabet or Number Books - Poetry - Holiday Journal (Photos, ticket stubs, postcards, pamphlets) - Project for science, health or Society & Environment - Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift book https://www.facebook.com/ReliefTeachingIdeas

Paper Bag Books

Extreme Heat - Infographic with tips to prevent heat-related illness #CDC #heatstress

Extreme Heat - Infographic with tips to prevent heat-related illness

Top 10 causes of the most disabling injuries in the U.S. Classroom and online safety training courses offered at: http://www.hazmatstudent.com/classes/

11 Free Workplace Safety Infographics to use or share online or on the job: OSHA…

Biomes, animal adaptations, and how animals sense and respond to environments. All these topics are covered in this complete Project Based Learning unit! I have included   original texts, research prompts, comprehension questions, rubrics, assignments, projects, and more!

Biomes & Adaptations PBL: Texts, Research Prompts, Cross-curricular Projects

Time passes, memories stay…

Time passes, memories stay…

This is an amazing writing resource! It gives students many examples. Used the persuasive writing one in class today.

This link will allow you to search many different challenging topics that you can use in the classroom to reinforce learning. It also provides mini quizzes to use with the students on the whiteboard.

Welcoming Schools offers tools, lessons and resources on embracing family diversity, avoiding gender stereotyping and ending bullying and name-calling in elementary schools. It offers an LGBT inclusive approach that is also inclusive of the many types of diversity found in our communities.

Website Article and Resources: Using LGBT-Inclusive Children's Books and Looking at Gender Through Books From: Welcoming Schools - A project from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Advice on how to use these books and introduce topics

Life science investigation for preschool students - butterflies - with freebies

How to set up the Science Center in your Early Childhood Classroom

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) | #Infographic created in @Piktochart Editor

"Appropriately monitored, the Internet provides endless resources that can link with students' interests, experiences, and primary languages." Page 82 and many others in fact

Teach kids about the earth and the environment with these hands-on lessons and activities for Earth Day. Topics include pollution, conservation, the 3 R's (recycle, reduce, and reuse), and more. Kids will gain an awareness and will learn how they can help take care for the earth while engaging in reading, writing, and science activities.

Earth Day Non-Fiction ELA & Science Unit

Easy and fun STEM activity promoting environmental consciousness

Oil Spill STEM Challenge

you probably have already heard about the fact that cancer cells cannot thrive in the alkaline environment. Here's how to prepare this alkaline water.

Retired Pharmacy Chief Said: “The World Needs To Know, Alkaline Water Kills Cancer” — This is How To Prepare It

meet antony micallef, the artist painting donald trump’s face on the front of cigarette packets

Meet antony micallef, the asshole painting donald trump’s face on the front of cigarette packets. Maybe he ought to get his facts straight