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Enya - Exile - Watermark I'll wait, the signs to come. i'll find a way. i will wait, the time to come. i'll find a way home.


Enya - The Best Of Enya (Full Album) Orinoco Flow 0:00 Caribbean Blue 4:32 Book Of Days 8:30 Anywhere Is 11:29 Only If... 15:16 The Celts 18:38 China Roses 21:38 Shepherd Moons 26:22 Ebudae 30:03 Storms In Africa 32:02 Watermark 36:16 Paint The Sky With Stars 38:44 Marble Halls 43:00 On My Way Home 46:58 The Memory Of Trees 50:38 Boadicea 54:58


ORINOCO FLOW (ENYA) - Actually Enya’s entire “Watermark” album was generally playing in my earphones as I read the most influential book in my life to date, Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade, and created strong feelings of the epic sweep of human history, driving Eisler’s ideas even deeper into my psyche.