I feel that this pin would be appropriate for BOTH my equality and equity board! This is a great example of the differences between equality and equity. Equality is sameness, which means that everyone should get the same piece. Equity is fairness, meaning it is there for everyone and they have the right to it.

The difference between equality and equity - sustainability calls for equity in our community. Still the best illustration of equality vs.

Differentiation Made Easy -  so many tips for differentiating.

Differentiation Made Easy

Differentiation Made Easy. Tips for differentiating.page assessment chapter page 61 chapter 5 curriculum and instruction that are focused.

Six steps toward classroom equity include knowing every child, celebrating their potential, recognizing their challenges, becoming flexible, making it safe to fail, and using culture as a resource.

Equity vs. Equality: 6 Steps Toward Equity


Equality: Understanding the Differences

Previously, I’d only seen the first two panels and assumed it was the complete comic. This version is much better.

Improved equality versus equity comic, with a third panel. The idea: When everything is accessible by design, no one needs special accommodations.

The Power of a Bandaid! explaining fairness in the classroom and differentiated instruction

Band-Aid differentiation lesson that helps students understand that fair doesn't always mean the same thing for everyone.

There are things that come easy for some, while others have to work twice as hard in order to succeed! When we confuse fairness with equality we marginalize and victimize the very students who need us most. Life isn’t fair! Quit whining, move forward and get over it!! Achieve success with your talents and stop comparing yourself to others.

Fair Is..

Fair isn't everybody getting the same thing. we went over this in my disabilities classes and it's so true. I love that I found this because I forgot the exact quote.

Equity vs Equality   I thought this was a really cool graphic!

Equity vs Equality I thought this was a really cool graphic!