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February 02, 2009 - Eric Holder became the first African American to be confirmed as United States Attorney General.

from The Huffington Post

Eric Holder Slams Donald Trump's Chilling Debate Threat To Hillary Clinton

10/9/16 - Former AG Eric Holder warns about Trump's threats to order DOJ/FBI to investigate (an already closed case) on Hillary

from phillhillusa

Eric Holder’s Radical Past Involved ‘Armed’ Takeover of ROTC Building

Black Panther Eric Holder arrested for armed assault of Columbia University. ATTORNEY GENERAL⁉️


YOU MUST WATCH THIS!!! 3 minutes!!!! Eric Holder 1995 "We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns"..[He also read "Mein Kampf" and other socialist materials..csw]


This is what I’ve been waiting for. After hours of feigned outrage and different maneuvers from Democrats to try and stop the contempt hearing, Rep. Trey Gowdy finally took his turn and passionately laid out the case for why there is no more time for AG Eric Holder, noting the proof that high level officials in the DOJ knew about gunwalking well before Brian Terry was murdered.


~Republicans are morons, they need a dumbass award. "Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Hilary Clinton always lie" ~William L.


Trump made his grotesque threats in response to Hillary Clinton’s deletion of 33,000 private emails, but hasn’t mentioned that same Bush Administration‘s deletion of 22 million emails which would have explained why America was misled into the Iraq War — and so much more.

OH you better read this one...While much has been made of the arrogance and condescension with which Attorney General Eric Holder responded to Rep Louis Gohmert of Texas, but there’s a much bigger story and has, as usual, gone ignored...


RUH-ROH!!!!!! Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix. --------------------------------------- Operation Fast and Spurious can add a new kill sticker for Paris....GOOD JOB 0bAMA/Holder


Alfred and Lauren Wright and their intershade children enrage Jasper Texas racist sheriff Maddox and his friends who lynch him and then cover up his murder in 2013! They call a cut throat, missing eyes, ears, tongue, teeth and a slit throat accidental death after calling off the search saying he ran off. The police went so far as to post on Lauren's face book page: "He's laid up droning cold beer watching football some place warm!" Eric Holder has reopened the investigation!