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Roquete - Eruca (Eruca sativa Lam. = roquette) -- Grandes Heures d'Anne de Bretagne, BNF, Ms Latin 9474, 1503-1508, f°217r


Arugula : Arugula Cold, Cool, Warm Annual Icon_container Sharp peppery flavor is best when leaves are 2 to 3" long Distinctive, sharp, peppery leaves are best harvested when 2 to 3" long. A nice accent for mixed salads. Greens past their prime may be lightly steamed with other greens such as mustard or turnip greens, or used in creamed soups. Brassicaceae Eruca sativa

Roquette, Eruca sativa

Eruca Sativa,Gardening

Botanical - Flower - Dandelion


Rukkola (Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa) gondozása, szaporítása (Borsmustár)

"Eruca sativa (syn. E. vesicaria subsp. sativa (Miller) Thell., Brassica eruca L.) is an edible annual plant, commonly known as salad rocket,[1] rucola, rucoli, rugula, colewort, roquette, and arugula." 芝麻菜 Garten-Senfrauke, Rucola #Organik

Arugula Roquette, Eruca sativa, 250 heirloom seeds, spicy greens, cool weather, winter garden, chic in salads, makes fantastic pesto

Arugula Roquette, Eruca sativa, 250 heirloom seeds, spicy tangy greens, cool weather, spring garden, great pesto

ERUCA SATIVA presenta su nuevo disco “Barro y Fauna”