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Erupting Volcano, Hawaii.

Vulkan Ausbruch Hawai

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Did you know that Geodes were formed by Ancient Volcanoes?

Allison Coward -- most geodes that we find today are from old volcanic eruptions. As lava cooled air bubbles were trapped inside cresting empty pockets. over millions of years minerals filled those pockets created the beautiful crystal treasure that we find today.


The Amazing power of nature Volcano~~and the wrong words can explode an entire country!!

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Erupting volcano photographed from the International Space Station (ISS). It's the Sarychev volcano on the Kirul Islands, Russia.


volcano, seen from space - Click image to find more Science & Nature Pinterest pins

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Breathtaking Pictures of an Erupting Volcano in Hawaii

Breathtaking Pictures of an Erupting Volcano - Some people are so passionate about photography that they risk their lives to capture incredible instants. On these pictures shot in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Mike Mezeul managed to immortalize the perfect moment when four elements where visible at the same time: the Moon, the Milky Way, a meteor and of course a lava flow that threatened to burn him severely. Supernatural and poetic pictures.

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How to Build Your Own Erupting Volcano

Everything you need to make a fun and realistic erupting volcano...

Wonders of Nature. Aurora Borealis over Volcano, Iceland - Furkl.Com


Mt Etna: Mt. Etna was formed by the collision of the Euroasian plate and the African plate. This area contains a number of faults ,which allows cracks in the crust and therefore allows magma to rise to the surface thus creating a volcano.


Milky Way over Erupting Volcano Image Credit & Copyright: Sergio Montúfar APOD 2015 April 13