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Di-Gize is such an effective oil for stomach upset and indigestion. I have found relief in seconds by merely rubbing it on the belly or sipping it from a glass of water.


Young Living oils worked! My dad has constipation for 3-4 days, doctors want to give him laxatives he refuse, so I respect him and gave him Lemon, grapefruit and citrus fresh essential oils with water instead yesterday. Yesterday night he pass motion and today afternoon as well :) so happy :) (I threw the laxatives away with out telling the doctors :P). I took the oils myself last night and also cleared my bowels this morning :p


Lemon & peppermint are recommended for weightloss, I add grapefruit to mine to help speed my metabolism too. I use these for detox with my fibromyalgia more than to lose weight. Also amazing for constipation! Sorry TMI!!!


Healing with Essential Oils: Many common ailments can be remedied with essential oils, see which oils to use for whatever ails you from congestion, coughs, constipation, headaches, insomnia, and more! We also have the best prices for organic oils so that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for them!