Di-Gize for Diarrhea Just take a couple drops under your tongue or in water morning & night. Also rub Di-Gize essential oil on your tummy and lower back. Di-Gize is available at www.youngliving.org/elvielook Learn more about Young Living oils at www.facebook.com/ElviesEssentials #youngliving #essentialoils #diarrhea

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Mixing 2 tea tree, 2 lavender and 2 lemon with 1 tsp grapeseed oil. Let's see if this works on my 4 year old. **UPDATE** On day 3, I used this and either it worked like a charm or whatever bug she had, had run its course. She had diarrhea 3 days straight. Toward the middle of day 3 I used this on her abdomen 3 or 4 times during the course of the day/night. Her next BM was totally normal. No trace of diarrhea at all.

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Stomach / flu bomb - Copaiba, DiGize, Peppermint . 3 drops of each in a capsule with olive oil. Also works for vomiting / throw up and Diarrhea.

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essential oils for diarrhea, based on WHY that's happening. food, nerves or viral.

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