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Chef Wolfgang Puck on the first visit to his wife's African Homeland

In Ethiopia, Coffee, Crepes and Antipasto

Chef Wolfgang Puck describes his first experience in Ethiopia, where he shared a traditional coffee ceremony, ate local steak tartare and indulged in antipasto.

ethiopian coffee ceremony. i had this tonight!! AMAZING coffee!!! yes, i'm still awake!! Libia e Iván

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony: Coffee and Community

Ethiopian coffee ceremony – How does the Ethiopian coffee ceremony help moms better connect with one another? How could the Ethiopian coffee ceremony be adapted to our culture?

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The Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Ethiopian reverence to coffee is sometimes ornate and ceremonial. There are many variations based upon region or ethnicity, but this article will go over the processes used by Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar.  The coffee ceremony is set up on a "rekbot" - shelf-like box furniture that serves as the staging platform for the coffee making.  Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar.

Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar Presents: The Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

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How the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Works

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Supplies - What supplies are involved in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony? Read about the Ethiopian coffee ceremony at HowStuffWorks.

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A traditional Ethiopian coffee making ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate a drink many of us love. Although we cannot perform the ceremony here at the Museum, we do have Ethiopian coffee available in our Russian Tea Room!

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Through the years, coffee makers have become the top appliance found in urban homes currently. The coffee makers are all designed to brew the best coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. As the top African producer of coffee, and seventh in the world, Ethiopia has a long-standing relationship with the consumption and use of coffee. Ethiopia is home to coffee...

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. As the top African...

After the coffee has been crushed, the fresh coffee powder is put into a jebena, a clay pot. Water is added and the mixture is boiled before being ready to be served in small usually white porcelain cups called cinis.