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We believe it’s also reasonable to apply the same long-term thinking to other markets and to other macro events, such as Britain’s planned exit from the EU and leadership elections elsewhere in Europe. No-one knew the outcome of the US election or EU referendum before they happened, despite what the opinion polls were saying at the time.

People are getting the message, but it’s still close. Let people know why staying is bad and not to be swayed by government propaganda. from:

Image copyright Getty Images The presidential election result came as a shock to people who had been looking for guidance from opinion polls. Just like at the 2015 UK general election and the EU referendum, the outcome was different from what most polls had suggested. So should we give up on th

An employee works in front of computer monitors near a European Union (EU) flag, left, and a British Union Flag, also known as a Union Jack, at a foreign exchange brokerage in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, June 24, 2016. The pound tumbled with the euro and U.K. equity index futures after early results from Britain's referendum on membership of the European Union put the "Leave" campaign ahead, suggesting the risk of a so-called Brexit is greater than opinion polls implied. Photographer: Tomohiro…

Follow the opinion polls in the run up to the UK referendum on EU membership on 23 June.

So much for opinion polls. Three independent polls in Greece were all last week forecasting both yes and no votes in the referendum hovering around 43%, with the result "too close to call". With some 85% of all votes counted, Greece rejected the EU demands with a whopping 61.5% of voters voting no, against just [ ] The post Euro Takes A Dive After Greece Says "No". appeared first on FXHQ.COM.

A vote to leave the EU would leave travellers in an uncertain position - TWO recent opinion polls have put the Leave side ahead in Britain’s upcoming referendum on European Union membership. If the country does decide on a Brexit on 23rd June, what would that mean for business travellers? Frankly, it is difficult to say. We know what travel looks like as part of t...

EU referendum opinion polls show a clear lead for the Remain camp. This is having an impact on sterling. The FT's Roger Blitz explores why the pound has been volatile and whether the market is more bullish about the Remain campaign winning.

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