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from The Independent

Brexit takes nine point lead just months from expected EU referendum

EU referendum: Brexit campaign takes nine point lead just months from expected poll | UK Politics | News | The Independent


Image copyright Getty Images The presidential election result came as a shock to people who had been looking for guidance from opinion polls. Just like at the 2015 UK general election and the EU referendum, the outcome was different from what most polls had suggested. So should we give up on th


98 per cent say NO to EU deal: Forget talks with Brussels and quit NOW, urges new poll

A NEW Daily Express online poll has revealed that 98 per cent of respondents - 3,548 people - want the historic Brexit vote to be enacted now instead of Britain being embroiled in months or years of talks with Brussels bureaucrats.


Brexit campaign would have failed before advent of social media, say remain voters in new poll #brexit #campaign #would #failed #before…

from Reuters UK

UK voters would now opt to stay in the EU - BMG poll

Hillarious. We learned not to trust them before, yet they think we will trust them now... UK voters would now opt to stay in the EU - BMG poll | Reuters

Bitcoin Safe haven Those of you who know Bitcoin veterans that the political crisis economic crisis and general uncertainty in world markets are perfect for the value of Bitcoin in the near future. For those who are new to the Bitcoin community welcome to "volatility up" as should Bitcoin to see a positive week after the eurozone changes on Sunday. The EU remains a combination of populist anger and a global axis is turning away from globalist governance EU voters Austrians and Italian…