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Brexit poll: Six months on, Brits stand by EU referendum decision -

PANIC STATIONS: Secret plan to WALL OFF Europe if Turkey unleashes '3m migrant tsunami'

GEREXIT? Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum, poll finds

The UK in 2016 as seen by Press Association photographers

Flowers for the local Labour MP Jo Cox lined the floor outside Batley Town Hall on EU referendum polling day. Mrs Cox was murdered in West Yorkshire a week before the vote. Prosecutors said her killer was motivated by hate and his crimes were "nothing less than acts of terrorism".

A survey out of Germany found 70 percent in the nation want tighter borders, and almost half want a referendum about participation in the European Union. Angle Merkel in Trouble as 70 Percent of Germans Want Tighter Borders PAMELAGELLER.COM

9 month poll trend leading up to the EU referendum

Before and after Brexit: Photo highlights of British politics in 2016: Brexit: Voters make their way towards a polling station to vote in the EU referendum in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 23 June 2016. Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Before and after Brexit: Photo highlights of British politics in 2016: Brexit: Nuns leave after casting their votes at a polling station in London, as Britain holds a referendum on whether to stay or leave the European Union (EU) on 23 June 2016. Justin Tallis/AFP

Brexit: Ukip 'misspent almost £500,000 of EU money'

Ukip misspent almost half a million pounds of EU funding on trying to win the Brexit vote and elect MPs, a leaked Brussels audit has found. Nigel Farage’s party broke spending rules by diverting taxpayers’ cash to its own polling ahead of the EU referendum and in key target constituencies for last year’s general election. EU funding is meant to be spent on a party’s activities at a European level, not on financing domestic campaigns.

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EU referendum polling station at the Chelsea Royal Hospital.

SCOT goes POP!: Desperate Dugdale reels in horror as apocalyptic YouGov poll prophesises the end for Scottish Labour