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Este Objeto Oculta un Asombroso Secreto - Moebius

ז) In Buddhism, Four Noble Truths refer to the Truth of Suffering, the Truth of the Origin of Suffering, the Truth of the Cessation of Suffering, the Truth of the Path of Liberation from Suffering. / 'Clifford Torus' in the Fourth Dimension

The local geometry of the universe is determined by whether the density parameter Ω is greater than, less than, or equal to 1. From top to bottom: a spherical universe with Ω 1, a hyperbolic universe with Ω

Spherical spacetime time is a four-dimensional continuum of space and imaginary time forming the surface of a sphere in five dimensions.

#Generative Mass Customized Branding for IMPROVED by Dimitrie Andrei Stefanescu (processing.js). The shape of the logo is based on a icosahedron with moving vertexes; colors from 3 palettes are random.

Frontispiece to Charles Howard Hinton’s The Fourth Dimension (1904), a book all about the “tesseract” – a four-dimensional analog of the cube, the tesseract being to the cube as the cube is to the square. Although Hinton’s work was an important stepping stone in understanding four-dimensional space, the real breakthrough came in a 1908 paper by Hermann Minkowski, in which four-dimensional space was thought of in non-Euclidean terms, leading to the revolutionary concept of “spacetime”.

"Not that the propositions of geometry are only approximately true, but that they remain absolutely true in regard to that Euclidean space which has been so long regarded as being the physical space of our experience.", Arthur Cayley