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Medieval slavic tribes around 800 CE before Vikings, Magyars, Pechenegs invaded. Tribes included are Ilmen Slavs - (called "Slovenes" or "Slovenians" in some sources), Krivichs, Polochans, Radimichs, Vyatichs (called "Oka Basin Slavs" in some sources), Dregovichs, Volhynians, Drevlyans, Polans (eastern) (Polianians to avoid confusion with the Polans of Poland), Severians, Buzhans, Ulichs, Tiverians. Also included are Lendians and White Croats, who are not East Slavic, but in the area.


I couldn't find any hobbits on Suomenlinna, but did you know that Tolkien was heavily influenced by the Finnish epic Kalevala and the Finnish language? It's what he based elvish on!


The Glauberg site near Hesse, Germany is an ancient Celtic Oppidum (town/social centre) and contains a monumental burial mound dating to around 500 BC. This statue depicts a Celtic warrior complete with tunic and trousers; he is also equipped with a sword and shield which suggest seniority. The sculpture is believed to be an accurate likeness of the interred prince, as the figure is decorated in jewelry excavated from the burial mound itself. Note the three-pronged Torc around the Prince‘s…


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