Who's Afraid of a European Constitution?
2 euro 1st Anniversary of the Signing of the European Constitution - 2005 - Series: Commemorative 2 euro coins - Italy
2 euro coins - Italy 2005, First anniversary of the signing of the European Constitution. Commemorative 2 euro coins from Italy
Italy 2005. 1st anniversary of the signing of the European Constitution The centre of the coin features Europa and the bull, with Europa holding a pen and the text of the European Constitution. The initials of engraver Maria Carmela Colaneri, ‘MCC’, appear on the lower left edge of the coin’s central part. Issuing volume: 18 million coins - October 2005
EU official languages over time
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n the summer of 2003 the prince began working for the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs as ‘advisor on European Communications’. In this function, Constantijn specialised in ‘communication strategies’ with the stated aim of getting the Dutch behind further ‘European cooperation’. The prince obviously wasn’t very successful as the Dutch convincingly rejected the European Constitution in 2005. After the young prince checked out of the office of the Dutch European Commissioner he checked into a…