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Sheer Wall, the ambivalent spatial quality. Jesse Pietilä’s Sheer Wall has been awarded by EFG European Furniture Group. A collaboration work with RUUKKI Ltd. and Prolaser Ltd. Sheer Wall was exhibited at Masters of Arts – festival at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.


European Furniture Basilio Luxurious Dining Set This European Basilio dining set features with exquisite hand-carved details, high-grade 100% Mahogany solid wood for a luxurious home. Available any finish finish gold and bronze . 100% Solid Mahogany wood mortise and tenonRead More

1725-1740 Indian Bureau-cabinet at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston - This piece looks absolutely stunning! It's teakwood and ebony with ivory inlays, and shows how European furniture styles were adapted to the resources in new colonial lands. Personally, I think it's British influence specifically: there has been an English presence in India since 1613, with the arrival of the East India Company.


Home Decor Goods With Sofa European Furniture Wall Art And Blue Home Decor From December 2016 #home #decor