The must-haves you need in your closet to make it through the frigid days ahead. #urbangent

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16 Underrated European Destinations: Europe has much more to offer than just gorgeous men! OMG I found so many awesome places to travel to which I didn't even know existed :) So much to see, so little time...

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Oh how I wish my husband would dress like this!!!! :) So classy!!!! So handsome!!!! I guess that is what european men are for....

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gremogoblin: “ awesome siberian cossack from historical festival photo maded by me ”

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The man above: American or European? I think many of us would automatically answer European. The stereotypical #representation of a European man is well-dressed and well-groomed, after all, and often with a great taste in shoes. Frank makes an interesting point in his piece when he says that unlike with womenswear, when it came to menswear, "the question with which the industry was faced was far more basic: should or should they not welcome the very institution of fashion itself..."

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